Welding and Metal Fabrication

Growing Up

Andrew grew up in an oil industry town where fabrication and welding were a huge part of the town.

His father was a master welder and fitter for the union and then became a machinist. Growing up he learned to work with his hands and tools from his dad. His dad encouraged him to join welding programs in FFA and 4h. He then became a part of a high school team that competed in competitions.

There he won enough credits in the competitions to join the higher education program at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas. He attended high school half a day and welding the other half.

At graduation, he was well-rounded and ready to tackle the jobs!


He then went to the oil and gas industry learning skills that he could later use in life. He was a dreamer and an entrepreneur. He knew one day he would work for himself and offer services like welding and metal fabrication.

He loved to use his talent in building gates, custom smokers, and bbq grills. He even builds hot rods and does sheet metal work. He also owns a very well know fencing company that focuses on pipe fencing, working pens, ranch-style gates, and entryways.

As time progressed with fencing, he was able to move into building his shop for FABLAB, saving and buying tools needed to complete any task that walked through the door!

He believes in
welding and designs. 

He hires certified welders to work with him in his shop who offer a high level of talent as well! Andrew has two boys and they love to spend time in the shop learning fabrication and mechanics. 

Satisfied Costumers

    John Kroll

    Project: Custom Signs and Pictures

    Fablab did a wonderful job on all of the signs and pictures they did for me and my family. The quality of work was excellent, and done within a timely manner. I will be using them for all future projects, and would highly recommend them to everyone I know.

      Ginnie S.

      Project: Custom Sign

      FabLab is very articulate and makes beautiful signs. My sign was made exactly how I envisioned it. With the newest technology the company has, they can design so many custom orders. I am looking forward to getting a custom grill from FabLab. Andrew is very talented and will work hard to make it to your liking.

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