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Custom Metal Signs

We like use 10 ga metal for signs that are outdoors. That allows durability and helps with weather resistance. 

Sizes will depend on your application whether it will be hanging on a wall or a gate. 

We offer painting but can outsource powder coating. 

Yes. We can use premade files or draw and create your custom sign.

Raw metal is known to have a Texas tan! But powder coating will protect it for many years. 

Custom Gates

You will need to provide measurements to the inside of the post if already installed or replacing an existing application. 

We use all weldable hinges. There are various types of mechanical locking mechanisms we can offer. 

Keeping the hinges lubricated and gate painted if not powder coated, will increase the lifespan.

Custom Fire Pits

For patio fire pits we offer an 1/8 inch thick and 1/4 inch thick to keep it lightweight and movable. 

Yes, we offer various sizes and custom creations. 

Our fire pits are wood burning or coal.

We are not responsible for where you burn the fire pit, we do recommend the outdoors only with plenty of fire suppression nearby incase of an emergency. 

The expectancy is depending on your care and keeping the ashes clean and clear after each use.

Custom Grills & Smokers

You need to know the average amount of food you will be cooking. And do you want an enclosed smoker or open grill top. 

Our most common is 250 gallon tank for a smoker with a 1/2 inch thick metal fire box. 

Keep the ashes out of the fire box after every use. Keep the hinges lubricated, and empty the grease traps. 

The expectancy is depending on your care and keeping the ashes clean and clear after each use and keeping the grease trap clean along with lubricating hinges. 

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